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Online Gaming Training 

In addition to consulting services, AiS is proud to offer a range of online gaming courses. 

The courses are taught by AiS staff and a select group of highly qualified trainers, and put great emphasis on creating a complete and rich experience through a combination of superb in-person delivery, updated and relevant content, practical exercises, and real-life use cases.

Our ultimate objective is to make each training a practical and hands-on experience, allowing attendees to immediately apply the newly gained knowledge in their organizations.  

We offer publicly scheduled and privately commissioned courses. Both types can be delivered in-person or online.

Course Offering:

Training includes Online Gaming Management, Digital and Affiliate Marketing, Player Retention and VIP Management, On-boarding of New Gaming Technologies, and Operation/Marketing of Social Gaming. 

Download our Course Portfolio

For course schedule, pricing and additional information please contact us.  

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